Wednesday, July 31, 2019

EoZ posts are banned from @Reddit

This was posted to Reddit by one of its moderators,  DomitiusOfMassilia
It has come to my attention over the past month that multiple posts and links have been automatically removed without the consent of this sub's moderators or the users themselves. I was able to piece together that Reddit introduced a "Tier" system for removing posts. Due to the significant lack of transparency and guidelines on Reddit's part, I have been forced to construct a series of lists that include sites that fall afoul of Reddit's Tier system.

To the best of my ability the Tier system is supposed to operate as follows:

Tier 1 - Sites whose posts and links are not removed.
Tier 2 - Sites whose posts and links are removed randomly, but are approvable by moderators
Tier 3 - Sites whose posts and links are always removed, but are approvable by the moderators
Tier 4 - Sites whose posts and links are always removed, but are unapprovable by moderators
Tier 5 - Sites whose posts and links are always removed, are unapprovable by moderators, and will not even finish the submission process.
Posts approvable, links approvable (Grey List - Tier 3)
Go Fund Me
The Post Millennial
Anime Right News
The entire list of known banned or partially banned sites is small and bizarre. There does not seem to be any logic to it, but I have been told on other occasions that posts that link to me have been shadowbanned on Reddit.

Reddit is supposedly about free speech and giving voices to those who have no other means, and it even hosts kiddie porn sections. If someone made a decision to ban EoZ, it is purely for political purposes.

Reddit is ranked as the # 5 most visited website in U.S. and #13 in the world, Being banned from Reddit is a big deal.

If you use Reddit and post my stuff, check to see if it is really posted and complain to the appropriate moderator if not. Hopefully after enough complaints this can get fixed.


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