Friday, July 26, 2019

Elder gets results! (Mostly)

On Tuesday, I reported that the online and cable music station provider Stingray Music had been advertising a station called "Alternative Dance (W/O Israeli Station)".

Although they didn't answer my initial query about this, when I published the post they responded back (to a blog aggregator tweeter):

Indeed, the offensive language has been removed, and I thank Stingray Music for acting so quickly.

Their explanation still seems a little sour. They seem to be saying that their curators will create a station for some local markets (presumably Arab countries, but maybe more) that specifically exclude Israeli artists. The "technical glitch" was in exposing the station title to the countries that don't demand that Israeli music be censored out.

If that is true, it might make sense economically but it is a quite cowardly position to take.

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