Monday, March 11, 2019

Previous Palestinian government wasted millions on new cars despite "austerity"

QudsNews reports that the "Coalition for Integrity and Accountability," known as AMAL, released a report saying that the Palestinian Authority government of Rami Hamdallah that recently resigned purchased 5000 new vehicles, claiming that maintenance of old vehicles was too expensive.

Also, one of the government's ministers who was not named changed the furniture of his office not too long after a previous changes, at a cost of 300 thousand shekels.

Even though the Palestinian government announced austerity measures in 2015, it did not actually implement any austerity procedures. The operating budget rose during the years of "austerity" 2016-2018 from  6 billion to 7 billion shekels.

While the government officials spent lavishly on their own needs, employees were forced to retire early, according to this report.

AMAL seems to be independent.

Hamdallah was widely regarded as a moderate figure, untainted by corruption.

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