Wednesday, November 14, 2018

PCHR admits that "Al Amal Hotel", destroyed by Israel, was a Hamas headquarters

One of the "civilian buildings" that Israel destroyed in Gaza this week was called the Al Amal Hotel.

Articles in Arab and leftist media like +972 identified it as a hotel targeted by Israel among other war crimes.

The IDF said that the hotel wasn't a hotel but was the location of the Hamas interior ministry, where attacks against Israel were planned.

Palestinian human rights groups admit it.

PCHR said "Israeli warplanes carried out 15 airstrikes, launching 57 missiles to target Hotel which had become the Internal Security’s office that was only few meters away from the former head office of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR)."

Al Mezan also admits "Al-Amal housed an office of the Internal Security Apparatus."

There is no record I can find since 2008 of anyone staying at the Al Amal Hotel. It hasn't been a hotel for years, but Arab propaganda media knowingly reported on the airstrike as if it was still a hotel.

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