Monday, August 20, 2018

.@UNRWA in Gaza is a fortress - protecting itself from those it supposedly helps

Here is a photo of the UNRWA headquarters in Gaza from a few years ago.

Notice the spikes on top of the massive iron gate, the guard station, the concrete barriers to stop truck bombs from approaching.

These are the sorts of defensive measures one would expect to see at a hostile foreign embassy, not from an aid agency.

Now look at the same spot this year:

They fortified the guard shack and added barbed wire on top of all the fences. They also changed the already formidable iron gate to one that is even more difficult to get through.

Some Gazans must have climbed on top of the guard shack and gone inside the compound in the past few years, and also climbed through the top part of the gate, causing who knows how much damage.

If UNRWA is helping so much, then why do Gazans treat it as a hostile foreign power? How much of the UNRWA budget is spent to defend its own buildings from the people it is supposedly helping?

(h/t Irene)

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