Friday, June 01, 2018

Human Rights Watch official @sarahleah1 retweets discredited "Map that Lies"

Sarah Leah Whitson, the Executive Director, Middle East and North Africa Division of Human Rights Watch, yesterday retweeted a 2015 tweet from the BDS-supporting Jewish Voice for Peace.

Her retweet proves beyond any doubt that HRW is not only anti-Israel but has complete disregard for facts and fairness.

The graphic is a bunch of lies, as we've proven many times before.

Even worse, MSNBC apologized at the time of the incident and stated that the maps were "completely wrong."

Yet Sarah Leah Whitson is pretending that the apology never happened.

Similarly, McGraw Hill once went through significant expense to withdraw and destroy a textbook that included The Map That Lies and apologized for publishing the lies that are on this graphic.

Years later, the person at HRW who is most responsible for knowing the truth retweets an outdated post by an anti-Israel group that pushes a series of lies.

If MSNBC and McGraw Hill apologized for publishing this, then HRW is obligated to do no less. But we know they won't, because in the areas under the responsibility of Sarah Leah Whitson, bashing Israel is more important than the truth. It has always been that way and this incident shows that HRW will never change until Ken Roth, Sarah Leah Whitson and all the other Israel haters are fired and replaced with people who actually give a damn about the truth.

(h/t Petra)

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