Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Another Hamas terrorist goes from a tunnel to his 70 virgins


Hamas has declared another member to be a "martyr" for dying in an "accident" while working in a terror tunnel.

Hani Faraj Shalouf was killed while working in what Hamas euphemistically calls a "resistance tunnel."

Shalouf's timely death "came after a great career of jihad, after hard work and jihad and sacrifice, we consider him a martyr."

The number of tunnel deaths has definitely been going up, which indicates that Hamas is really working hard to get as many tunnels as possible finished before Israel finishes its underground barrier meant to stop them, a project that is two years from completion.

Which means either Hamas thinks that their tunnels will manage to remain undetected by the barrier - or they are planning a major terror attack in Israel, complete with kidnapping civilians or soldiers, within a year or two.

Such an attack would have the full support of Mahmoud Abbas' "moderate" Fatah as well, as the two rival groups are now making noises of conciliation.

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