Monday, June 19, 2017

Nothing like a giant mural of a terrorist to enhance your appetite - in Oakland eatery

This is what the checkout line at Reems Bakery in Oakland, California looks like:

Yes, that's Rasmea Odeh, the PFLP terrorist responsible for the murder of Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner in 1969.

Here's another angle:

After a gushing article in a local paper came out showing the "striking mural," readers complained about the incongruity of a huge picture of a murderer on a restaurant/bakery wall.

The owner defended the choice:
For Assil, who is of Palestinian-Syrian descent, “[Odeh] embodies the resilience of Arab women fighting for justice in this country. She is an elder to a lot of us younger women who are activists and want to do right among our community,” said Assil, who compares Odeh to a modern day Malcom X [sic]. In addition to serving as a figurehead for pro-Palestinian activists, Odeh has also garnered support from humanitarian activists and members of the Black Lives Matter Movement. “[The mural] pays our respect to people like her who have had to endure,” said Assil.
When asked why she would bring such a divisive figure into a bakery that is meant to be a sanctuary space, Assil responded: “She is divisive because she’s an advocate for Palestinian self-determination and anti-Israeli government occupation. Any time you put up a Palestinian figure it’s going to be divisive.
(h/t Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers)

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