Monday, April 27, 2015

When you hate Israel, it can do nothing right

When you hate Israel, it can do nothing right
Evil Hasbara claim
Israel Derangement Response
Israel is tolerant towards gays
  • Israel has some homophobes, and therefore really hates gays (Richard Silverstein)
  • Israel is only pretending to be tolerant; it is engaging in “pinkwashing” to distract the world from its crimes (Sarah Schulman)

Israel has repeatedly offered peace and been rebuffed
  • Those “peace plans” were completely unacceptable to Palestinian society and therefore Israel didn’t offer enough (+972)
  • Palestinians accepted the idea of two states in 1988 and therefore cannot be expected to ever compromise on anything ever again (Robert Malley)

How could supposedly racist Jews consistently vote for non-Jews in TV reality polls?
  • They are still racist, they are simply practicing “tokenism” (Max Blumenthal)

Israel sends aid to help victims of natural disasters
  • Israel really wants to learn how to kill more effectively (Rania Khalek)
  • Israel wants to steal the organs of the victims (Jenny Tonge)
  • Israel is trying to distract the world from its crimes by pretending to do good (Ali Abuminah)

Hamas and Hezbollah are terror groups that Israel must defend itself from
  • Hamas and Hezbollah are “social movements that  are progressive” (Judith Butler)

Arab men beat their wives and engage in “honor killings”

The IDF has fewer reports of rape compared to other countries’ armies
  • They don’t rape because they consider Arab women too inhuman to even consider raping (Tal Nitzan)
  • IDF rabbis say rape is perfectly OK according to Yossi Gurwitz
  • Tasteless T-shirts prove Israel has a “rape culture” (David Sheen)

In short: If Israel does something bad, it is proof that Israel is evil. If Israel does something admirable, it is proof that Israel is evil. If Arabs do something bad, it is because Israel is evil.

Life is so simple for the simple-minded.