Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Some pro-terror Facebook entries of UNRWA teachers

Here are some more examples of the peaceful, non-political nature of UNRWA teachers based on their Facebook photos.

From a teacher in Jordan named Kifah Khamis Abd Alfattah:

A self-portrait of a teacher in Lebanon, Abo Adam:

A female teacher in Jordan, Samah Hindi:

A female teacher in Lebanon named Sarah Qasim:

Same person:
"Our silence is preparation. Tomorrow Tel-Aviv will mourn"

Do you think that these teachers are teaching their kids about peace and coexistence?

The Facebook page of the Hitler admirer I posted about yesterday is now gone. I'm certain that he taught his class today just as he did yesterday.

Amazing how UNRWA puts so much effort in hiding its serious problems rather than, you know, fixing them.

More tomorrow!

(h/t Ibn Boutros)