Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lessons from the sick, depraved antisemitic Arab cartoons

From Ajnad News almost immediately after the slaughter in Har Nof:

The same source, showing clearly who their targets are as well as their murder weapons:

Another cartoon (original source unknown):

Glee at murdering a bearded, blat-hat wearing "soldier":

The same artist showing his bloodlust:

One more, showing that the target is Jews, not "Zionists":

I must point out again that the existence of bloodthirsty antisemitic cartoons is not in itself evidence that Palestinian Arab society is sick. There are plenty of outliers who have access to the Internet who can easily post gruesome, offensive garbage, and fringe groups can be found anywhere.

However, the lack of any public pushback in Arabic against this clear Jew-hatred and bloodlust does indeed indicate that Palestinian society is sick. It might not be fashionable to say it - and Western reporters are loathe to write about it - but there is no visible counterpoint to these repulsive images and the equally abhorrent messages that accompany them. Images like these are celebrated by many, and condoned by the rest, with their silence.

This is the fundamental story of the massacre. For once, the motives are crystal-clear.

It cannot be about "occupation" or "settlements" because the attack was inside the Green Line.
It cannot be about "Al Aqsa" because the people who prayed there are not the types to ascend.
It cannot be about "Israeli oppression" because the victims were not soldiers or reservists.

The facts are undeniable: the terrorists targeted the most Jewish looking people at a synagogue while they were at prayer.

The cartoons illustrate nicely what the west wants to hide: the targets are Jews. Period.

Palestinian Arab cartoons in general routinely depict "Israelis" as a Nazi-style caricatures of a bearded, black-clad men, even though no Israeli leader has ever resembled that person. These victims did. The cartoons taught generations of terrorists that their enemy is the Jews, not Israelis.

The West wants to find excuses for Palestinian terror, to pretend that both sides are part of the problem. But this attack, and these cartoons, combined with the glaring absence of any Palestinians who object to this kind of incitement, reveal the ugly truth: that in the end it is about Jew-hatred. All the other reasons being given by pseudo-intellectuals of "occupation" or "Al Aqsa" or "Gaza" or bus drivers who commit suicide are simply excuses to divert the world's attention from the simple fact that this is really about the world's oldest hate.

Once you realize this you can start to understand the reality and not the spin that we've been fed for decades.

(h/t ADL, Israellycool)