Saturday, July 20, 2013

Egypt restricts fishing boats next to Gaza. Guess why?

There have been years of negative articles about Israel restricting Gaza boats for security reasons.

Which makes this article from Ma'an so interesting:

Egypt has prohibited fishing off the coast of northern Sinai as a security measure to stop militants entering the peninsula by sea.

Egyptian security officials told Ma'an that the decision aims to prevent Palestinians and members of militant groups from entering Egyptian territory.

The ban will continue indefinitely, officials said, and will affect fishermen in El-Arish, Rafah and other northern coastal areas.

Since a crackdown on smuggling tunnels two months ago, people have increasingly begun entering Egypt using fishing boats, usually at night.

Egyptian coast guards recently intercepted a boat carrying 10 Palestinians, six of whom managed to escape.

Four of the men arrested were said to belong to a militant Jihadist group in Gaza, officials said.
Hold on - you mean that terrorists do use boats to try to move in and out of Gaza?

Who knew?

Apparently, Israel did - but you wouldn't know that from the NGOs slamming Israel for protecting itself off the coast of Gaza.