Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday links

From Ian:

Kick Me: European Union Backs Iran's Hezbollah
"These measures indicate that Western Governments are aware of the threat Hezbollah poses to Western security. Nevertheless for reasons of appeasement, they refuse to declare the organization a terrorist group -- a classification which would allow the blocking of Hezbollah funds and the seizure of its assets."

U.S. Delegation Stays Put for Ahmadinejad Speech at U.N.
Israel’s envoy Ron Prosor led his country’s representatives out of the session in protest, telling reporters “There is no justice and no judge,” according to the Jerusalem Post. “The leader of an outlaw country that is a serial violator of the fundamental principles of the rule of law has no place in this hall” he said. “It is a shame and disgrace to give someone like him the opportunity to speak on such an important topic.”

Ahmadinejad: Israel has no roots in Middle East

Ahmadinejad to Meet with Occupy Wall Street

Romney’s Realism on the Palestinians
"Wishful thinking has dominated Western policy in the Middle East. It has been effectively leveraged by enemies and rivals of Western democracies. The national security of Western democracies would be well served by enhanced realism and by dramatically reduced wishful thinking."

Giuliani Blasts Obama Over Israel
"Tonight, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani blasted President Obama’s lack of care on Israel, with special attention to Obama’s statements that Israel’s concerns about Iranian nuclear weapons were “noise”

President Clinton re-writes history: Bill Clinton’s Disgraceful Comments About George W. Bush
"He (Powell) was surprised to hear Clinton’s voice. “I just wanted to wish you all the best in your new position,” the president said. Then he launched into a vituperative, expletive-filled tirade against Arafat. Powell understood the real motive for the call. As he would recount it to me, the president warned him, “Don’t you ever trust that son of a bitch. He lied to me and he’ll lie to you.” Arafat had failed his people and destroyed the chances for peace, Clinton emphasized. “Don’t let Arafat sucker punch you like he did me.”

Mocking Muhammad Is Not Hate Speech by Daniel Pipes
“That sounds sensible enough. But does mocking Muhammad, burning a Koran, or calling Islam a cult constitute hate speech? And what about the respectful representations of Muhammad in the buildings of the U.S. Supreme Court or the New York State Supreme Court? Even they caused upset and rioting.”

Turkish Air Sponsoring Anti-Israel Hatefest
"The AMP conference is due to feature Fadwa Barghouti, wife of imprisoned terrorist Marwan Barghouti, currently serving five life sentences for murder. The AMP has for several years worked to promote nakba (catastrophe) commemorations on college campuses, with a goal to delegitimize Israel’s existence. The group’s national campus coordinator moved to disrupt a speech by the Israeli ambassador at UC-Irvine back in 2010. Then again, with a press freedom record worse than Russia’s, the Turkish government and state-owned companies can’t be expected to prioritize free speech over censorship.

Banana Blockade: Hamas Imposes Ban on Import of Israeli Fruit
Produce traders in Gaza, who in the past have bought fruit from Israel and sold it at home, have opposed the move.
“The local product is not nearly enough to offset the shortfall,” Gaza fruit importer Jaber Al-Shanty said. “What do we have in large quantities, other than guava?”

Cleric found guilty in blasphemy case
ISLAMABAD: The investigation officer (IO) in the blasphemy case exonerated the minor Christian girl from the main allegation and declared Imam Khalid Jadoon as the prime accused.

IDF Chief Cantor Sings "Unetanneh Tokef"

Terrorists take cover: Chuck Norris to visit
“According to Norris lore, the actor can cut through a hot knife with butter, stop eating Pringles anytime he wants, slam a revolving door, and win Connect Four in three. He is also the holder of all Guinness World Records. Oh, and he has counted to infinity. Twice.” 


Must read: Redesigning the peace process by Richard Landes

Evil Jewish settlers get permits to construct 300 new houses in Gush Etzion - for their Arab neighbors

Egypt seeks to "adjust" QIZ deal, risking 70,000 jobs and $1b annual sales. Because they hate Israel.

Child torturers of the desert: Horrific footage reveals human traffickers are even targeting BABIES to get families to pay ransoms in the Sinai