Thursday, May 13, 2010

News & links

Richard Landes has another open letter to Richard Goldstone published in the Jerusalem Post, but read the larger version with links on his site.

Satan's Administration: An Israeli takes a tour of a huge Holocaust records storage facility in Germany.

Gaza entertainers are leery of performing in concerts this summer, worried about Hamas and Salafist threats against them.

Pro-Pal writer Maidhc O Cathail writes a strange piece in Ma'an pooh-poohing the threats against South Park and Comedy Central and essentially blaming them all on the Jews.He ignores the small fact that real people have been killed by real Muslims for their freedom of speech. Why contaminate your opinions with facts?

"Siege" update: some 9 trucks of construction materials (plastic pipes, cement, iron girders, gravel, power station parts) are arriving in Gaza today.

Al Arabiya broadcast a debate between an Iranian diplomat and an American-Israeli academic about nuclear weapons. Even though the Israeli hardly represented Israel, it was trumpeted as being a huge deal.

Ha'aretz notes that Fatah finally decided to try to find the hundreds of millions of dollars that Arafat hid all over the world.

You can still enter the Aish sweepstakes to win a trip to Israel or an iPad. (I get more chances to win myself when you click, thanks to those who already entered!)