Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hamas leader brandishes machine gun during speech

From Ma'an:
Surprising his Friday night audience at a political panel in Gaza City, senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahhar raised a machine gun mid-speech saying "If we had these in 1948, we would be in a different situation."
Props to the Hamas prop department.
Zahhar addressed the panel on the subject of "milestones in the question of Palestine since 1948," and spoke of what he called the "fiascos" of the Palestinian factions and the harm they have done to both resistance and the greater Palestinian cause.

Describing Palestinians slain in the struggle for a state as men and women whose "blood irrigated the land, and will not stop," reminding listeners of early killed fighters like Sheikh Izz Addin Al-Qassam and Fawzi Qawaqji from Syria, Abdullah At-Tal from Jordan and Abdul-Qadir Al-Husseini from Palestine.
Notice that three out of the four militant leaders he mentions were not from Palestine (the fourth was the nephew of the Jew-hating Mufti,) showing yet again that this is was never a Palestinian-Israeli conflict but an Arab-Israeli conflict.

(Qawaqji was an pan-Arab nationalist, not a Palestinian Arab nationalist. He spent World War II in Germany and was reportedly part of the Wehrmacht. He never won a single battle in his life.

(Abdullah Al-Tall was implicated in the assassination of Jordan's King Abdullah I. )