Thursday, May 27, 2010

Comments on my Ingall post (part 3)

(I meant to post this yesterday.)

Zvi, as always, writes a great comment:

The bus analogy is ridiculous. It presupposes that Jews have no place there, whereas Arabs - many descended from illegal migrant labor which, attracted by the growth that Jews brought, migrated into the area in the early 20th century - have a right to every inch of it. That's simply bogus.

Jewish ties to the land of Israel are ancient, well documented and unbroken. Jews have EVERY right to return to our homeland. The 1 million Jews of the middle east who fled from the Arab world after being subjected to increasing waves of Nazi-inspired pogroms have EVERY right to return, to be integrated and to flourish. Israeli Jews have a right to live in Israel. They aren't bullies for wanting to raise their children in peace and for fighting back when other people attack their towns for years with flying bombs.

Jews have NOT expelled all of Israel's Arabs; Arabs make up a sizable portion of Israel's population, and in 43 years, Israel has NEVER committed ethnic cleansing in the West Bank or Gaza. The reality is that the only side of the conflict that has ever tried to commit genocide is the Arab side. The only side that has ever celebrated the slaughter of innocents is the Arab side. The only side that is ruled by military dictatorships is the Arab side. Who is the bully, indeed?

If Cherokee return and buy land in their ancestral homeland, wanting only to live freely and peacefully on their legally acquired land, but are viciously attacked by a bunch of Nazi-inspired neighbors who try to murder their families and take that land by force, why are the Cherokee to blame? If the Cherokee hold on, only to be subjected to continuing and escalating violence until they fight back and hold their own, why are the Cherokee to blame? This analogy can't go further because the US is a nation (these days) of laws, so these people can rely on the government to protect them. That's not possible for Israel; Israel can't rely on a useless and anti-Semitic UN, an anti-Israel EU or the Obama administration to protect it. The middle east is a region in which those who are not willing to stand up to terror and genocidal armies will be destroyed by them. After 60 years, most Israelis know that.

You're right, Elder. The woman has never bothered to learn about the reality of the middle east conflict. She has simply bought into the endless stream of lies, distortions, half-truths, self-aggrandizing nonsense, delusional conspiracy theoriesoutright blood libels, claims that everything that goes wrong is exclusively our fault, and calls to destroy us that are constantly manufactured by a burgeoning anti-Israel/anti-Semitism industry. Israel gets a lot of crap because nobody wants to offend the guys with the oil and the money, and because it has become fashionable to dump on Israel.

The psychos who are driving these blood libels didn't vanish with the Nazis; they learned from them. They're still around today. And they want Mrs. Ingall's daughter dead no more and no less than they wish that fate on me.

Commenter Tang points out that "Israel has conducted ethnic cleansing in Gaza by removing the Jews."