Friday, January 29, 2010

Hamas accuses Israel of assassinating co-founder

I reported last week that one of the co-founders of Hamas Al Qassam Brigades died of terminal cancer last week in Dubai.

Well, Hamas launched an "investigation," and determined that it wasn't cancer that got him - it was an assassination plot by the Mossad!

The high-tech Israelis apparently killed him through "an electrical appliance that was held to his head," according to his brother, who must be credible according to UN fact-finding standards.

Hamas doesn't mention the mysterious appliance, but does say that it "holds the Zionist enemy responsible" for Mabhouh's death and that it "will not go unpunished." The details of the Hamas forensics investigation will be revealed "in a timely manner."

I guess the Mossad is losing its touch, if it waits for a guy to have terminal cancer before dispatching a crack team to assassinate him.