Monday, June 29, 2009

Op-ed calls supposed Hamas moderation "tactical"

There was a slight splash made by Khaled Mashal a couple of weeks ago when he indicated that he would accept a Palestine in the territories, a move that some Westerners were quick to trumpet as proof that Hamas is "moderating."

Certainly, no one on the Palestinian Arab side believes that.

From Palestine Today, in a editorial called "The Hamas two-state solution: the strategic tactic!":
...It is important to say that the question of the admission of the "Hamas" movement of tactical interim solutions (under the title of a two-state solution) is not new now from a practical viewpoint; for a number of years more than one leader in the "Hamas" has indicated of acceptance of the principle of progress in the national action for the benefit of an integrated national program, taking into account the move towards a just solution to the historical issue of the Palestinian people, on the basis of the right to the land of historic Palestine from the sea to the Jordan river.
In other words, Hamas hasn't changed its goals in the least, just how it talks to gullible Western reporters.