Monday, September 22, 2008

Breaking: Tourists kidnapped in Egypt, possibly 2 Israelis(UPDATED)

From Sky News:
Between 10 and 15 foreign tourists have reportedly been kidnapped in Aswan, southern Egypt.

The victims possibly include two Israelis, Egyptian security sources said.

The Italian Foreign Ministry added that five Italians were among those kidnapped.

It said it was in contact with other countries involved, but gave no further details.

The Egyptian security sources said it was possible the group of kidnapped tourists had been transported to Sudan.

An Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman said he had no information and was checking the report.

Attacks targeting tourists in Egypt's Nile Valley have been rare in recent years.

But a series of bombings targeted tourists in resorts in the Sinai Peninsula between 2004 and 2006.

Egypt blamed the Sinai attacks on a group of Bedouin with militant Islamist views.

Israeli authorities have been warning about such attacks for a while.

UPDATE: It appears that no Israelis were kidnapped.