Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hamas: Sderot is occupied "Northern Gaza"

From Arutz-7:
A Hamas website carried the following response: "The Zionist colony of Sderot, which steals our occupied land in northern Gaza, will continue to be a legitimate target for the jihad warriors of the Al-Kassam Brigades, as are the other colonies and Zionist positions surrounding Gaza, as a part of the ongoing response of Al-Kassam to the continuing Zionist crimes, which take the form of massacres in Gaza and the West Bank."

Al-Kassam spokesman Abu Ubeideh added, "The dream of the thieves of Sderot to live in peace, security and stability is a dream that is far from realization, and it will not be attained as long as our countrymen are being killed and their houses are being bombed."
You see? If only Israel would end the occupation of Sderot, and then Beersheva, and then Haifa and Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, then there would be peace!