Sunday, February 24, 2008

Egypt has killed 6 Africans this year trying to reach Israel

3 men and 3 women paying the ultimate price.

But who cares - Arabs killing civilians isn't news! There are no UN observers or holidays dedicated to the plight of these people, no people protesting how they are treated by Egypt, none of the lobbyists and very few bleeding heart liberals who care enough to notice that Egypt has a policy to shoot and kill civilians wandering in its territory trying to find a job or food.

And notice these black Africans aren't trying to get into modern Egypt, but rather into the racist Zionist entity.

From AP:
Egyptian border police shot and killed an African woman Sunday who was trying to cross illegally into Israel with a group of other migrants, a local medical official said.
And, from Amnesty International last week:

Egyptian security forces shot dead a Sudanese man trying to cross into Israel on Tuesday. A total of five African migrants have now been killed crossing the border so far this year.

Security officials said 50-year-old Ermeniry Khasheef was shot in the back after he ignored orders to stop as he attempted to cross barbed wire near the border town of Rafah.

An Eritrean woman, Mervat Mer Hatover, was shot dead three days earlier, after she ignored orders to stop as she was attempting to jump over the barbed wire in the El Kuntilla border region. According to security officials, Mervat Mer Hatover and her two daughters, aged eight and ten, were among a group of Africans who paid smugglers to help them cross into Israel. All were arrested.

Two migrants from Ivory Cost were shot and killed on 30 January trying to cross the border south of Rafah. According to the Egyptian security forces, a 22-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman bled to death before an ambulance could reach them. Six Eritreans and two Ethiopians were also arrested.