Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oddly enough, Saudi style

The Saudi-based Arab News tries really hard to be a moderate voice in an extremist society. But often it doesn't even realize that its own biases are still quite a bit to the edge.

Here's a story from Arab News which is meant to be funny:
The Bizarre Files: Man Divorces Wife Over Plate of Spaghetti

MADINAH — A Saudi man divorced his wife because she gave a plate of spaghetti to their neighbor. According to a local newspaper report the husband found out his wife dared to give away food to a non-family member when the neighbor came to return the plate. Angry about the gross infraction of house rules, the man took the plate and reportedly broke it over his wife’s head. After assaulting his wife with a piece of flatware, the husband declared an end to their 8-year marriage. A Madinah court recently finalized the divorce. That’ll teach a woman to be kind to her neighbor!
While it is indeed funny to read about a man divorcing a woman over spaghetti, for some reason the fact that the husband assaulted his wife at least twice - which turns this story from comedy to tragedy -is treated as just par for the course.