Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Israel accused of helping Hamas!

The pro-Fatah, anti-Hamas Palestine Press Agency (Arabic) "reports" (autotranslated):
An informed Palestinian source revealed that Israel is working hard to support Hamas in the Gaza Strip from behind the curtain against President Mahmoud Abbas symbol of the Palestinian legitimacy, and the recruitment of its policy of separating the West Bank from the Gaza Strip to destroy any chance of an independent Palestinian state, , which represents the continuation of the coup Hamas in Gaza greater service to it.

Quoting the "statement" issued today by the UAE source as saying that "the statements of Israeli leaders to close crossings to international aid for the Gaza Strip has become big lie because there is no siege on the Gaza Strip, Welfare and fuel up regularly."

This is another example of Arab projection: since Arabs would never consider allowing their enemies' civilians to get humanitarian aid, the fact that Israel does this is "proof" that Israel supports Hamas' takeover of Gaza.