Thursday, July 21, 2005

Today's Jewish world domination news

An interesting editorial from an apparent professor of History in Nigeria, named Abubakar A. Fari, about the global conspiracy against Islam, Jewish domination of the media, comparisons between Jews and Nazis, and of course justification for suicide bombings.

Someone forgot to send him the memo to substitute Zionist for Jew in this little screed.

Every day the news that is dished out from the western media represented namely by the VOA, the BBC and to a lesser extent the German and French radios are on Islamic terrorists and fundamentalist incursion or suicide bombers against the so called western targets or interests. The CNN is the king. One thing common with these imperialist and Jewish dominated media is a deliberate and orchestrated campaign of falsehood against Islam and Muslims and any governments that want to live under the dictates of Islamic laws and values the Sharia.
Their strategies are based on deliberate mischief, propaganda and repeated lies and lies and lies which they believe when repeated on and on and on, no matter what, the docile especially the so called civilized but ignorant U.S and western audience shall accept and indeed have accepted, hook line and sinker, except for a few broadminded ones.
As a concerned Muslim, and I believe that many like me, feel sad at these orchestrated lies and falsehoods designed to humiliate and abuse Muslims and our religion, Islam simply because, we do not subscribe to their values. To make matters worse none of the Muslim leaders in the Middle East, Asia and Africa is willing and ready to defend the interest of Islam and Muslims, except a few ones like Malaysia’s Mahathir Muhammad, in words and deeds. As a result only dedicated and incon-sequential ones resort to the inevitable - suicide bombing which is so far the only effective cry against these arrogant and terrible western leaders and their Jewish masters.
[...]As a concerned Muslim, again and’ again, I keep asking myself why is it that out of over 7 billion inhabitants on earth, it is only the Muslims, who comprise about 1 billion, or 14.3%’, that are daily being branded as terrorists. Are there no Christians, no Jewish, no pagan, no Masonic, no Zionist, no Buddist, no Hindu, no US citizen, no British citizen, no yellow, no white, no brown, and no capitalist terrorists?
The terrible and mischievous CNN, BBC World, Sky News, the Time Magazine: the Newsweek, the Economist and other Jewish dominated media that are as disastrous as AIDS endemic is, have rather chosen to only select Islam and Muslims for this dirty campaign and use it to justify the genocide against them.
It is instructive here to say that these orchestrated campaigns to insult, abuse, condemn and denigrate the Islamic religion spearheaded by the US and instigated by the Jewish media, is akin to the negative campaign of hate against the Jews in the 1930s. This campaign of hate and xenophobia were what led to the massacre of the Jews by Hilter and other Europeans in the 1940s. The same strategy is being used by the Jews against Muslims since 1945 to date.
This campaign is what has led to the murder and genocide of Muslims in Chechnya, Bosnia, Srebrenica, Afgha-nistan, Iraq, Palestine, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria and elsewhere in the world.
Ironically, the Jew cry foul against the persecution metted on them and are exploiting the tragedy by making billions and have made billions in US Dollars and Deutch Mark from compensations, are daily committing murder, abuse of human rights and demolishing of homes of innocent Palestinians. The CNN owned and managed by their enemies, derives pleasure and with relish, displays it daily on their screens, while in the same vein shed crocodile tears, deceptively, when few of their relations are killed by so called terrorists, which is more often than not, are contrived killings, arranged by them to deceive the innocent public. Recently, the mayor of London declared that Arial Sharon, the Israeli prime minister is a terrorist and he is not saying anything new. Kofi Anan the UN Secretary General also declared that the invasion of Iraq was illegal. And for the UN Secretary to declare it illegal, means that this is against the international law and democratic principles of the United Nations.

He also added this priceless example of logic:

If these people do not trust and feel safe to see the Ayatullahs, the Hamas, the Hisbullah, the Arabs, the Africans, the North Koreans with weapons of mass destruction and who have no record of using them as opposed to Eisenhower of the US who dropped them against the Japanese in the-Second World War, why then should the Ayatullahs and any sane mind, trust and feel safe to see the US president in the shape and persons of the Bushes and co. in possession of these dangerous weapons and or in control of governments with such weapons?

A lovely man, Mr. Fari. It was especially interesting that he should mention capitalism, as he is a broker/dealer for the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

This news that the Jews control the world would be good enough for today, but wait! There's more!

This is from an interview of "retired Lebanese general and public relations expert Dr. Hisham Jaber." Among his rants that Zionists were behind 9/11 was this gem (hat tip to News for Members of the Tribe):

"Regardless of the logic of conspiracy, I would like to say something. We read history, and we know that since The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Zionism has forged the New Testament – and by now, 60 million in the U.S. alone have left Christianity to become believers in the Torah."

At least he got the memo!