Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Palestinians claim evil Joo-Rays kill elderly woman!

No, it's not the National Enquirer! It's not Weekly World News! It's something far more entertaining - it's the quasi-governmental (emphasis on the "mental" part) Palestinian International Press Center!

Note the complete lack of knowledge of English, the hysterical tone, and the absolute absence of any sense. With the extra dose of whining, these guys are funnier than the Onion nowadays!
GAZA, Palestine, April 30, 2005 (IPC+Agencies) ---An elderly woman Fatama Mahmoud Abu Obeid, 65, entered the Egyptian controlled lounge at Rafah crossing border linking Gaza strip with Egypt, died just half an hour for being screened by a USA-made 'advanced portal using millimeter wave holographic technology to screen passengers for weapons and explosives.

A well -informed sources at the Rafah crossing told Al Ayam newspaper that the elderly woman Abu Obeid has finished its travel check up at the Palestinian party then moved to the Israelis where she had been screened by the naked spy machine as it 'photographs Palestinian civilians completely naked, and before she had headed to the Egyptian run lobby she pronounced dead shortly awhile before completing her travel papers.
In a press conference, in Gaza, the health minister Dr. Thohni Al Wuheidi warned Thursday that the continued use of the Israeli naked spy machine at Rafah border terminal violated the Palestinian people's rights for proper health and privacy.

"What is certain and what we saw with our own eyes during our traveling was shocking. We asked some colleagues who were screened and they told us that they were photographed by the device for more than 10 times, indicated by the ticking of the camera, while orders are given to the screened individual by a microphone inside the room. The ticking sounds suggest the use of radiation inside the device," the Minister said.

The health minister added "The new information we obtained indicate that they can take photos penetrating the skin into the deep layers of the body, reaching to the bones. Even if we hypothetically assume there wasn't any harm in that, we are looking at an appalling infringement of the Palestinian people's human rights and religious codes," Dr. Wuheidi condemned.