Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hezbollah working to reach unconventional capabilities

Classified report obtained by NRG Maariv reveals. Defense officials also concerned Palestinian terror groups might try to perpetrate WMD attacks.
Eitan Rabin

The Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah is working vigorously to achieve unconventional capabilities, a classified report obtained by NRG Maariv reveals.
“Just as they managed to obtain and use an unmanned aerial vehicle, they are planning to use other types of weapons”, a senior defense official said.

In addition, the defense establishment is concerned Palestinian terror groups might try to perpetrate biological and chemical attacks, despite recent statements made by Hamas leaders regarding a possible cease-fire

“The terror groups are becoming more and more sophisticated and are trying to execute ‘quality attacks’”, the source said.

According to the official, information that has recently reached Israel indicates that al-Qaeda may also be in the advanced planning stages of an attack in an Israeli city or against Israeli targets abroad.

One of the scenarios that is being examined is the inclusion of unconventional substances in the explosive charges made by the terrorists, in order to create what is known as “dirty bomb”, which contains radioactive material in small quantities.

“Any terrorist in the world can buy unconventional weapons or substances and smuggle them into the territories. The arms trade is flourishing”, the source added.