Saturday, August 28, 2004

"Skunk bomb" will keep back Palestinian protestors

The IDF has developed a pungent new weapon to be used to keep Palestinian protestors at bay, media sources reported. The so-called 'skunk bomb' contains a synthetic version of the odor skunks release to deter predators and will be used to break up stone-throwing confrontations without causing casualties, security officials said yesterday.

According to the reports, the new weapon was developed to replace controversial rubber bullets, which have caused numerous injuries and killed many Palestinians during the course of the Intifada. Security officials said the army, which has come under international criticism for allegedly using excessive force, has been seeking out new non-lethal weapons to deal with violent Palestinian protests.

The 'skunk bomb,' which is not yet operational, releases a cloud so pungent that according to initial tests it permeates clothes for five years, the officials said, according to a Reuters report.

The 'stinky' weapon could be particularly unpleasant for devout Muslims since they cannot pray with clothes that smell and would have to throw them away, the report said.