Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Facebook takes down Rabbi Yehuda Glick's page (update x2)

Here is what Rabbi Yehuda Glick's Facebook page used to look like:

See how utterly offensive it is?

Well, apparently Facebook thinks so. Because it now looks like this:
Apparently, sometime after Rabbi Glick was shot multiple times, Israel-haters  have been complaining to Facebook about a page belonging to a man who did not seek to take away any Muslim rights to pray on the Temple Mount - but only to give Jews the same rights the Muslims have.

Of course, they just told Facebook that Glick's (Hebrew!) page was offensive. And Facebook drones assumed it must be true -because so many complained!

Meanwhile, Rabbi Glick's condition is slightly but steadily improving.

(h/t NRG via Bob K and Yenta P)

UPDATE 11/5: It has been restored.

UPDATE 11/6: It has been removed, again.