Sunday, May 12, 2013

Antisemitic rant in Gulf News op-ed (in English)

Usually one only sees these in Arabic, but Professor As’ad Abdul Rahman, the editor of the "Palestine Encyclopedia," wrote an article about the highly ineffective "Russell Tribunal on Palestine"in the Gulf News  and segued into a crazed rant against Rabbinic Judaism:

Abusing the Torah, they [the "Rabbinic Council" of Israel] managed to turn its teachings into a real-estate book with ‘Divine Entitlements’ to possess Palestinian lands by Jews only as “the chosen people of God”. Such egotistical doctrine being taught to Israeli youth brings back to memory the doctrine of “the master white Aryan race” which ignited “the Holocaust” The racist mentality prevailing in Israel has deep roots entrenched and nourished by the Ashkenazi (western) Talmud written to explain the Torah by Ashkenazi Rabbis who abandoned the Sephardim Talmud written by the Arab Jews who originally came from Arabia representing the real Hebrew community. The Ashkenazi conservative rabbinic council excommunicated the sect of ‘reform Jews’, mostly Americans, for abandoning the Ashkenazi Talmud which is now considered by these Rabbis more holy than the Torah itself. Abandoning the Ashkenazi Talmud by “the reform Jews” of America was for the overwhelming “tone of racism”, which declares the Jews as superior to all races and “other races were solely created to serve the Jews” as the chief Rabbis of Shas declared in the news media in Israel. The reform Jews of America could not be the vanguard of combating racism in America against Jews and blacks which equated “dogs with Jews” while keeping a racist book, the Ashkenazi Talmud, as a sacred book in their houses. The “reform Jews” in America and Europe still support Israel, but not the racist mentality that has transformed the secular Zionist state into a Talmudist religious state. They have now come together forming the new lobby of “J Street” to stop the Israeli colonists who adhere to a racist doctrine, especially after becoming the real power in the current Israeli government, which is adamant on transforming Israel into “a Jewish state” that negates the presence of all non-Jews especially the Palestinian Arabs.
during the Nazi regime. Codifying apartheid in enacted laws in Israeli parliament and in Rabbinic religious edicts, respectively, has no relation, whatsoever, to a democratic civil state nor to Judaism. Such practice has rightly changed the code name of Israel from “the only democracy in its neighbourhood” to “the last apartheid state still existing”.
"Professor" Rahman, after putting "the Holocaust" in scare quotes, makes up a bizarre history of Judaism.

I confess, I never heard of the "Sephardim Talmud." Sephardim learn the same Talmud that Ashkenazim do. [There were two main Talmuds written, the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds. The Babylonian is considered more authoritative but both are studied and used by both Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews.)

Shas is a Sephardic party! If the "Sephardim Talmud" reflects the true Torah, then how did they become such "racists"?

The idea that any rabbi considers the Talmud "more holy" than the Torah is beyond absurd, as the Talmud itself shows countless times.

And, once again, it needs to me mentioned that if the idea of a "Jewish State" is racist and negates the presence of all non-Jews, than every single Arab state, without exception, as well as "Palestine," are racist states that negate the presence of non-Arabs (and, for most, non-Muslims" based on the wording in their own constitutions.

Keep in mind that this writer is considered an intellectual in the Arab world, and he doesn't have the ability to  do the slightest amount of research. His hatred of Jews trumps any facts. The chances that the Gulf News would reprimand him for making things up range from remote to zero.

(h/t Gidon Shaviv)