Thursday, February 07, 2013

Satellite images indicate Israel struck convoy, not buildings, in Syria

From Times of Israel:

Satellite images of a Syrian research facility north of Damascus published on Wednesday appear to contain proof of an airstrike allegedly carried out by Israel against an arms convoy last week.

The Digital Globe satellite photos, broadcast by Channel 2, show a smoke-blackened parking lot outside the Jamraya scientific research facility that, in images published on Google Earth before the bombing, was not charred.

Contrary to the admissions of the Syrian state news agency SANA, from an aerial view none of the buildings at the site appears to have been damaged in the alleged strike.
Syrian TV showed at least one shot of alleged damage to the facility, along with shots of charred vehicles.

So why is Syria exaggerating, or possibly fabricating, the damage? Are they trying to get Iran to keep its promise of attacking Israel to move world attention away from their bombing their own people?

(h/t Yoel)