Friday, February 08, 2013

"Palestine" in line to become vice chair of UN Arms Trade Treaty talks

From Inner City Press, which often has the best UN coverage of any media outlet:
Palestine is seeking to be a vice chair of the upcoming Arms Trade Treaty talks at the UN, Inner City Press has learned, one of three from the Asia Group along with Japan and South Korea.
...After the General Assembly's November 29, 2012 vote granting Palestine non-member State status at the UN, Palestine is currently on a so-called “clean slate” to be come a vice chair. There will be three from the Asia Group, for now there are only three candidates.
The article notes that the US is not happy:
There is not surprisingly some opposition.

When US Ambassador Susan Rice came out of the Security Council Thursday morning, Inner City Press asked her about "Palestine as a vice chair of the ATT?"

Ambassador Rice told Inner City Press, exclusively, "I don't think it's going to happen. They're not a member state."

During the Security Council's last Middle East debate, Ambassador Rice opposed even the use of the phrase “State of Palestine” on the placard used in the Council.
This is worth watching.

Of course, "Palestine" has great experience in the arms trade. Even this very moment, arms are being imported into Gaza from Libya, Iran and Sudan.