Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hamas starts its own "news" agency

From Al Arabiya:
The Islamist movement Hamas which rules Gaza has set up its own news agency, called Al Rai (Opinion), the Palestinian territory’s Hamas government announced on Monday.

“The first official news agency of the (Hamas) government has been established under the name of Al-Rai agency...under the supervision of the government information office,” the office’s director Salameh Maaruf told AFP.

“It will be an important source of information on government activities, news releases and letters from the (Gaza) prime minister,” Ismail Haniya, he said.

“The agency is independent in terms of personnel and administration, but the government information office will be responsible for supervising it,” he added.
The Felesteen and Palestine Times sites already adhere to the Hamas line, so this doesn't add too much, except for being an outlet for official Hamas statements.

One of the headlines in the website says that Hamas holds Israel responsible for "desecrating" the Temple Mount. Does that mean that the IDF should be arresting those playing soccer and volleyball on the holy spot?