Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sunday Morning Links

From Ian:


A lawsuit against the “unauthorized settlement” Rachelim has led to it becoming a legal Israeli town. "Deputy council head Yossi Dagan chose to send a tongue-in-cheek “thank you” to Yesh Din for its lawsuit. “In the name of Rachelim, I am grateful to the extreme-left group Yesh Din for its contrarian lawsuit, which caused the Israeli government to come to a decision, to grab the bull by the horns and right a wrong that had lasted for years,” he said. “They came to curse,” he added, “but in the end, as in the [Biblical] story of Bilaam, they gave a blessing.”

Palestinians cut through vineyard fence; 12 outpost residents were injured in the incident, one of which was taken to hospital. “Some 200 Palestinians attacked the vineyards of the West Bank Esh Kodesh outpost on Saturday afternoon, according to the IDF. Esh Kodesh spokesman Aron Katsof said 12 outpost residents were injured as a result, including one who was treated in the hospital and then released.”

"It’s high time for UNESCO to stop legitimizing a government that mercilessly murders its own people. UNESCO is allowing the Assad regime to strut in Paris as a U.N. human rights arbiter, an indefensible insult to Syria’s victims."

The United States is becoming increasingly worried about Syria’s use of ballistic missiles supplied by Iran.

Analysis: Muslim clerics believe regime will let them intensify their incitement against Jews. "The process of exile which had started in the early ’50s accelerated. There were more than 100,000 Jews living in Tunisia in 1948. Today there are an estimated 2,000 left, many of them living on the island of Jerba."

Exclusive: Anti-Defamation League tells 'Post': Augstein's statement "crosses the line into anti-Semitic conspiracy thinking." "The Simon Wiesenthal Center included Augstein in its list of 2012’s top-ten anti-Semites. Jacobson cited the following Augstein quote, which appeared in his column, as being contaminated with conspiratorial anti-Semitism: “With backing from the US, where the president must secure the support of Jewish lobby groups, and in Germany, where coping with history, in the meantime, has a military component, the [Binyamin] Netanyahu government keeps the world on a leash with an ever-swelling war chant.”

Film featuring interviews with former heads of Israel’s covert Shin Bet security agency already shortlisted for Academy Award

Will lead university efforts to increase minorities’ access to higher education

Import, marketing of cosmetics, detergents tested on animals officially barred by law. MK Cabel: This is a revolutionary step in animal welfare

Oranim teacher Penny Ur will receive the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for her contribution to promoting English language-teaching methodologies. "Prof. Penny Ur may live relatively anonymously in a small community in the North of Israel but even Queen Elizabeth II knows about her. Buckingham Palace announced over the weekend that the English teacher from Moshav Amnon will be honored with the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for her outstanding work in teaching English and for promoting collaboration between Israel and Britain."