Sunday, January 20, 2013

Somehow, I'm missing the IDF abuse on this video (UPDATED)

The anti-Israel crowd is pushing this video of supposed IDF cruelty in arresting a mother with her baby:

It looks to me as if they arrested her as gently as humanly possible while she was screaming and treating her precious child like a rag doll (see 0:53.)

Not to mention taking her baby to a closed military zone in the first place where she knows very well that there is the possibility of tear gas.

As far as I can tell, the IDF is being more careful with the welfare of the baby than her mother is. In fact, I'd say that the mother is using her daughter as a human shield.

I also notice that there are some unexplained edits in the video. Usually, that means that the "victim" is pushing or hitting the IDF soldiers but the "activists" are careful to ensure that she only appears as a victim so they carefully cut out the problematic parts.

UPDATE: Aaron Gross found a longer version, but it still has two crucial edits. And the women is shown using her baby more as a prop than as a child:

Even in this longer version, the IDF is extraordinarily careful not to use undue force.