Friday, January 18, 2013

Egyptian Hebrew professors accused of sexual harassment, extortion

From Egypt Independent:
Female students at the Ain Shams University Faculty of Arts sent a complaint to media outlets accusing their professors of sexual harassment. The National Council for Women demanded that the dean and the minister of higher education immediately begin investigations into the charges.

The students said they had to resort to the media because the university administration did not investigate the matter.

Leila Aboul Magd, head of the faculty’s Hebrew department, told the privately owned ONTV satellite channel on Wednesday that the students had shown her evidence of the harassment.

Other students are afraid to come out against the professors in case they are failed in their courses as retribution, she added.
At least five professors would extort either sexual favors or money from female students in order to access the same course materials that everyone else was able to get freely. One would troll female students' Facebook pages and make suggestive remarks based on their personal information.

All of the accused professors work for the Hebrew Language department.

Who would have thought that the people who are the supposed experts on the Zionist enemy would be so immoral?