Thursday, December 13, 2012

Which newspaper reported "settlers stormed Joseph's Tomb"?

We are used to seeing headlines of "settlers" "storming" Jewish holy places in Eretz Yisrael in Arabic media, specifically in media associated with Islamists.

Here's one from today:
Settlers storm "Joseph's Tomb" in Nablus

Dozens of extremist settlers led religious prayers in "Joseph's Tomb" near the Balata refugee camp east of Nablus after a number of Israeli military vehicles stormed the city. Local sources said the occupation forces stormed the city from the eastern side, accompanied by a number of Israeli buses where settlers performed religious rituals in "Joseph's Tomb" in Nablus under heavy guard by the occupation forces. According to the sources, the Israeli occupation forces stormed several neighborhoods in the city but no arrests were reported so far.

This is not from a Hamas or Islamic Jihad website - but from Ma'an (Arabic.)

Ma'an prides itself on being unbiased and adhering to generally accepted journalistic standards. But in Arabic, its language is indistinguishable from the Islamists.

Of course, under existing agreements, Jews have the right to worship in Joseph's Tomb, and the IDF regularly coordinates visits with the PA security forces. Jews from both sides of the Green Line visit the holy place.

Often, the Arabs in the area start throwing stones at the worshipers and soldiers protecting them when these scheduled visits occur, which is what happened today. But you'd have to read Islamic Jihad media to even know that.