Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One "collaborator" murdered in Gaza only guilty of badmouthing Hamas

Al Majd, a website dedicated to protecting Gaza from Israeli intelligence, published the "confessions" of one of the "collaborators" who was gruesomely and publicly murdered during Pillar of Defense.

But his "confession" does not contain any actionable intelligence. Instead, it reflects the typical skepticism and  disillusionment of someone who sees corruption in his society.

The "collaborator" was a taxi driver who would talk with his passengers about Hamas corruption. The "confession" includes his complaints about Suha Arafat stealing a fortune and spending it in Paris, Hamas stealing and storing fuel for its own purposes while Gazans went without, blaming Hamas for the blockade of Gaza, criticism of the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, Hamas stealing money, the pointlessness of the 2009 Gaza war, Hamas indifference to the fate of ordinary Gazans, and Hamas importing luxury cars only for their own members.

The charge is that the driver was spreading rumors on the orders of Israeli intelligence. According to the site, he confessed.

And, the article concludes, "the resistance has delivered justice to this spy during the battle of shale stones."

In March, Hamas arrested dozens of taxi drivers for "spreading rumors" about the fuel crisis in Gaza.

No doubt every disgruntled Gazan is a spy for Israel, because everyone knows it is really a paradise.