Sunday, December 09, 2012

Jordan farmers proud that they aren't exporting many olives to Israel

From Ammon News:
Jordanian olive traders exported 643 tons of olives to Israel up to Saturday, Head of the Jordanian Agricultural Engineers' Association (JAEA) said.

JAEA President Mahmoud Abu Ghanimeh said in statements to Ammon News that the exported olive amounts are "modest" compared to the permits issued to export quantities reaching up to 15,000 tons of olives to Israel.

Abu Ghanimeh added that the deadline to export to Israel expires on December 15th, and stressed that the low quantities of exports to Israel is caused by "Jordanian citizen's awareness and farmers' intent to remain distant from normalization with Israel."
In 2009, Jordan was exporting between 250-300 tons of olives to Israel a day.

Last September, Jordanian farmers called to halt all olive exports to Israel.