Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Al Ahram publishes Khaled Amayreh's incitement for Egypt to go to war

In the past we've seen prolific and completely nutty Khaled Amayreh showing his anti-semitism, his inability to tell the truth, his belief in parapsychology and UFOs, and his desire to incite an all-out terror war against Israel.

Now, he is writing in Al Ahram to convince Egypt to start a war with Israel.

Whether we like it or not, Israel has been, is and will always be Egypt's existential enemy. There is a preponderance of evidence corroborating this fact.

...Yes, the two states reached a peace treaty in 1978. However it is crystal clear that the Camp David treaty, which the Egyptian leadership signed more or less under duress, did very little to put an end to undeclared but definitive Israeli designs against Egypt.

Israel wanted to use the Camp David treaty to strip Egypt of its Arab and Muslim character as well as cause irreparable damage to the collective conscience and consciousness of the Egyptian people. However, thanks to the enduring vigour and strong moral fabric of the Egyptian people, the morbid Israeli designs were a gigantic fiasco.

According to Israel Shahak's book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years, much of Egypt is actually part of Biblical Israel according to some sages of the Talmud. This mythology is taught to Jewish students in hundreds of Talmudic schools (yeshivot) and colleges throughout Israel.

I would have thought that these ideas were no more than mythical hallucinations on the part of some deranged so-called 'sages'. But when I found out that many otherwise level-headed rabbis kept regurgitating these myths, I began to view the matter differently.
How can you argue with that? An anti-semite writes nonsense and another one quotes him! I must not have spent enough years in yeshiva to learn about how it is part of Eretz Yisrael. But those clever Jews returned the Sinai because they want to conquer all of Egypt!

Only a Jew is smart enough to figure out how that works. Oh, and Khaled Amayreh.
The Egyptian media reported on several occasions the arrest of Israeli agents with instructions to spread the AIDS virus in Egypt, generate chaos, including sectarian conflicts between Muslims and Copts.

More to the point, it is absolutely logical to assume that Israel's agents are implicated in one way or the other in the current crisis between the Egyptian government and the opposition.

I don't have hard evidence to prove this impression, but the Hebrew press reported numerous times of late that the Israeli intelligence was heavily involved in manipulating events in the largest and most important Arab country.

And with the January 25 Revolution, it is very likely that Israeli designs against Egypt have become more virulent and daring, given the tumultuous transitional period Egypt is undergoing these days.
Damn, we're good!

The man is certifiably insane. So he is well qualified to write an op-ed for Al Ahram.

(To their credit, most of the commenters say he is nuts, too.)