Sunday, December 09, 2012

A challenge to "moderate Arabs"

Is there any citizen of any Arab country who would publicly say, using his or her real name, anything negative about this photo of a baby wearing the headband of the Qassam Brigades terrorist group?

I have not yet found a single negative op-ed about Hamas in any Arabic-language media, except for tose that translate Hebrew articles, and one from a Shiite website upset that Meshal didn't thank Iran or Syria.

So where are you, the so-called moderate Arabs? Where are the articles distancing yourselves from Hamas?  Where are the people who are livid at the brainwashing of babies to learn terror? Where are the TV interviews with people skeptical about what Hamas can accomplish to help out ordinary Palestinian Arabs' lives?

Where are you?

(photo h/t JM)

UPDATE: TOI actually published a Kuwaiti article critical of Hamas today, the exception that proves the rule. (h/t Pedro)