Monday, August 06, 2012

Nutty stuff from today's Iranian press

PressTV today has an article warning about the "Zio-Wahhabe" plot to take over southern Russia. "Moreover," the article informs us,"the plans for southern Russia are a carbon copy of Nazi Germany’s failed plans for the region."

It also has another article that is certain that "Zionists" are planning to attack the Olympics, complete with illustration:

The reasoning is classic anti-semitism, complete with implied Holocaust denial, centering on a rich Australian tycoon named Frank Lowy and his Jewish Zionist friends.

Iran Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said that the fire which the United States has been igniting in Syria would consume the Zionist entity.

“It seems that the United States is insisting on creating a hell” for itself and others in Syria, Larijani stated in a speech during an open session of the Majlis on Sunday.

“The fire that you ignite in the Levant will swallow the terrified Zionists. Although the Zionists have not watched their tongues (when talking) about Hezbollah and Iran over the past few days, the Zionists’ fear is palpable in those tough words,” he said, addressing the United States and its Western allies.
Hmmm. If tough words are an indication of fear, then Iran must be very, very scared indeed.