Monday, August 29, 2011

Palestinian Arabs again rejoice at terror attack in name of Allah

Early this morning a Palestinian Arab man was stopped by Tel Aviv police from his plans to murder as many teenagers as he could find in a party at a nightclub. He still managed to stab eight people, one in serious condition.

It is clear that the terrorist, yelling "Allah hu Akbar," knew about the party and his intent was to kill as many of the youth there as he could find.

Which makes him a hero to Palestinian Arabs.

The Fatah-leaning Palestine Today has three comments on the story. Autotranslation of comments is often obscure, but the happiness is obvious:
Allah hu Akbar - Lord every day we hear news of Avatar Halnoa [?] be in the death of Jews and loyal to them

Victory for Men - God is great and the victory of Islam, here they are men of God lifting his registration and under Jmaaag captives, O Lord

You are handed your right hand and hit the collecting -Army man will not fail to see our mothers for giving birth to welding heroes
Notice how every comment uses religious imagery to justify an attack on Jews.

The PalDF message board is similarly filled with praise and happiness. The fact that the assailant yelled "Allah hu Akbar" is especially endearing to that crowd.

Once again, it is not possible to find a single dissenting opinion in the PalArabic media or comments about a terrorist attack aimed at innocent civilians. We are always told about how much Palestinian Arabs want peace and are against terrorism, yet apparently not a single one feels strongly enough about it to actually state that opinion online in reaction to attacks like these. (General Arab reaction is mostly positive but not quite as unanimous as Palestinian Arab reaction.)

Please, if you can find any counter examples, let me know - I will be happy to correct this post.

No doubt these Jihad lovers will be magically transformed into peace loving secular democrats by the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state.