Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Glenn Beck in Knesset (video)

Again, whatever you think about his politics, you cannot argue with the fact that he loves Israel and Jews.

Except that many anti-Israel Jews, people who will never say a word against explicit Arab anti-semitism, are openly saying that Beck is an anti-semite.

MJ Rosenberg in HuffPo writes that Beck is especially critical towards liberal Jews, so therefore he must be anti-semitic.

Sorry. I can accept people calling him a buffoon, or a right-wing nutcase.

But the accusation that Beck is anti-semitic is manifestly absurd.

Rosenberg, absurdly, titles the article "Glenn Beck Defiles the Holy Land." He is very happy with virulently anti-semitic Arabs having rights to freely say whatever they want; he is happy with Jewish shrines being taken over by Muslims in the textbook definition of defilement - but when an openly pro-Israel media figure, someone who loves unapologetic Jews, speaks in front of the Jewish State's government to acclaim, Rosenberg calls this a defilement?

Rosenberg's definition of anti-semitism is really anti-liberalism. And it is really sad that so many Jews think that Judaism is identical with leftist politics, so much so that they are not even embarrassed to publish drivel like Rosenberg did.

(h/t Yoel)