Thursday, April 07, 2011

J'lem pipe bomb attack was Hamas operation

From YNet:
Police and Shin Bet forces arrested five residents of the Sur Baher village in east Jerusalem for suspected involvement in Hamas operations. One man is suspected of placing a trash bag containing a pipe bomb in a Jerusalem road which caused a municipal worker to lose his hand in early March.

The Shin Bet claims that Muhammad Dwiyat confessed to preparing a pipe bomb meant to detonate at a hitchhiker's station in Gilo which serves Gush Etzion and Mount Hebron residents. The Shin Bet said that Dwiyat eventually decided to throw the explosives insie a bush in the Hebron Road in Jerusalem.

The pipe bomb was found by a Jerusalem Municipality sanitation worker who was hit after the bomb exploded. One of his hands was partially amputated.
A lot of people have assumed that the deadly bus bombing in Jerusalem was related to this earlier pipe bomb attack. The fact that he intended to explode the device at a hitchhiker's station seems to lend credence to this idea.