Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pro-Israel artists create "Bomb Shelter" in NYC park

From yesterday's Homepage Daily:
Don't be scared if you hear sirens in Washington Square Park today; there's no need to find shelter.

"The Bomb Shelter" is a "media installation" exhibit that will periodically sound sirens for 15 seconds. Those who choose to participate will have 15 seconds to get to a makeshift shelter. This demonstration is to raise awareness for the rocket attacks in Israel, where citizens only have 15 seconds to escape to safety — and it's not a drill.

Participants will also hear the sounds of explosions as they rush to make it to the shelter. This, the organizers say, will give people firsthand knowledge of what Israelis face.
Metro reports:
A group of artists intentionally caused terror and confusion in Washington Square park yesterday — by simulating a terrorist attack.

The group Artists for Israel, aided by Birthright Israel, set up a full-size Israeli bomb shelter in the middle of the park yesterday. They blasted sirens and simulated the boom of rockets hitting earth. Participants were given 15 seconds to run for shelter.

“There were people running,” said Arief Hussain, 34, a hot dog vendor in the park. “I didn’t know what was going on.”

But once the sirens started wailing, the NYPD and the Parks Department teamed up to shut down the event at 1:30, just half an hour after it began. “They didn’t have a permit,” said Detective James Alberici of the 6th Precinct.
No permit? Well, what's art without a little anarchy?

More from Artists4Israel, the Sderot Bomb Shelter Museum and Paint Israel show that not all artists are anti-Israel moonbats. It just goes to prove that real liberals do love Israel.

Some of the artists behind the New York exhibit can be seen in this video.

 The exhibit will be traveling to college campuses.

(h/t Zvi)