Thursday, March 03, 2011

Afternoon links

It is not only Hamas that is dead-set against UNRWA teaching the Holocaust. Our moderate friends from Fatah are as well.

But it is unclear that UNRWA ever had any intention to teach it anyway.

IsraeliGirl asks why Amnesty International goes soft on Iran, not demanding the same arms emrbargo that it demands from other states whose human rights records are not close to being as bad as Iran's.

So just how pro-Israel are the attendees at J-Street's conference?

Abbas continues to insult the US, calling US demands for accountability of where he spends US money "extortion."

Literally under the radar: Syria's impending purchase of supersonic cruise missiles and what that means.

Honest Reporting gives us the top five arguments against Israel Apartheid Week.

Speaking of, my "apartheid?" posters have been making appearances. Here and at this French site.

An Italian site picked up on my story about the insulting Palestinian Arab walkout in Geneva.

The Top Ten Gaddafi Toads.

(h/t Zach N, Israel Matzav and a cast of thousands....)