Thursday, January 13, 2011

Espouser of "Jewish racism" defends her master's thesis

Remember Jenny Peto, the University of Toronto student who wrote her master's thesis on how Jews justify their inherent racism by invoking the Holocaust?

She was just interviewed by The Varsity, and in the interview she - and her thesis adviser - justify the paper on the grounds that the only critics are Jewish racists who never read the paper to begin with!

I think that this is about who I am as a pro-Palestinian activist and what I have to say which is very critical of Israel, very critical of mainstream pro-Israel institutions in Canada, and critical of what I see as an abuse of Holocaust memory to justify Israeli apartheid.

I really don't think that it's a case where it's just such a convoluted academic paper that people don't understand. People who have read it understand what I'm saying. And some may agree, some may disagree, but for the most part all the [criticism] hasn't actually been about the content of the paper itself.

This is almost like a warning shot to Jewish Canadians saying, "you watch yourself, if you're going to criticize Israel, we'll come down on you, and we'll come down on you in a huge way."...But it's what I expect of the Canadian media, it has a terrible, terrible pro-Israeli bias.
Yes, the person who is claiming that Jews are using "victimhood" is whinng about being a victim herself of a vast pro-Israel conspiracy that includes the Canadian media.

That media, unsurprisingly, is unimpressed with Peto's arguments - not because of her anti-Israel stance but because of her shoddy research and pitiful justifications. See here and here.