Thursday, November 18, 2010

Morning links

WaPo:  [t]he Obama administration's efforts to restart Israeli-Palestinian talks are less evocative of true grit than of desperate improvisation. 
Toameh: Why Many Palestinian Arabs don't miss Arafat
YNet: A small victory against an anti-Israeli boycott
Middle East Forum: Islamists' twin assaults on free speech
The European Holocaust Research Infrastructure

My Right Word in a new series of photos from pre-state Israel. Here are the British engaging in some collective punishment.
And, if you have a few hours to spend, you can read the 162-page October issue of Strategic Assessment, from Israel's Institute for National Security Studies. It looks really good.

PMW: PalArab kids on TV saying "The Jews killed Arafat"

(h/t Silke, Israel Matzav, JCPA's Daily Alert)