Monday, November 08, 2010

A minaret is restored in an ancient Jewish town. Where's the media?

The fanatically anti-Israel Al Aqsa Foundation has, on its website, an article about the restoration of a minaret in Safed.

According to the article, the minaret dates back a few hundred years and was in danger of collapse. Repairs cost some $25,000.

Even though this same organization will accuse Israel of doing everything possible to erase Muslim heritage in "Palestine," here we have a story where the Jewish state had no problem with the restoration of an Islamic symbol in a town that has deep Jewish roots going back to Biblical times, and is considered a holy city to Jews.

When synagogues are restored in Egypt or Lebanon, the Arab governments use those occasions to spout propaganda about how they value diversity and how they value their Jewish communities. This even though the synagogues are nothing more than museums for communities that are all but gone because of explicit and implicit anti-Jew policies.

Here, though, we see what is an everyday occurrence.  The supposedly racist Jewish state routinely allows its Muslim citizens to maintain their religious sites without blinking an eye. And even more so, they allow it when the organization behind the repairs is more political than religious, and will vilify the very state that allows them the freedom to act. (The website has a similar feature about the the restoration of a major mosque in Jaffa a few months ago, funded by Turkey.)

In fact, while the Muslims will accuse the Jews of politicizing religion by calling Israel "the Jewish state," on top of that very minaret a PLO flag was hung a couple of weeks ago:

Don't expect the Al Aqsa Foundation to acknowledge the truth about how they are free to worship and build religious structures in Israel which they then use against the very state that gives them that freedom. Instead, they blame every tree that dies on the Temple Mount on "Israeli excavations" that they still claim are going on underneath.