Monday, October 25, 2010

Hamas spokesman denies saying that suicide bombings look like terrorism

Doesn't he look trustworthy?
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Youssef has denied making the statements I reported that he said to Jordan's Addastour news.

In the interview, he had said "Martyrdom operations bring us problems with the international community, and are exploited by the Israeli media to distort our image, and accuse us of terrorism and incitement to violence....and this issue has been behind us since 2004, when we abandoned martyrdom operations." He also said that the Hebron massacre of four civilians was not timed to disrupt negotiations and that the Hamas ban on women smoking the hookah was a moral, and not a religious, issue.

Today, without specifying in which topic he was misquoted, he told Ma'an that he doesn't want to deny or even comment on the "yellow journalism and lies" that were in that article that could prejudice the resistance. That sounds like a denial to me.